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After studying engineering and mechatronics, Justin spent 8 years as a Design Engineer. Most of this time was spent in the industrial equipment industry where he was involved in the design of high speed vacuum pumps, systems, and associated equipment. After this Justin gained some experience in CNC programming and CMM Inspection while working for a medical devices manufacturer as a Production Engineer. In 2008, following his passion for 3D design, Justin moved into the role of Applications Engineer in the Dassault Systemes VAR channel. Justin has worked for Desktop Engineering since October 2011 as a Technical Consultant and Certified Instructor for CATIA and Composer products.
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CATIA Composer with Composite Part Data

Posted by Justin Brash on 05-Apr-2018 12:01:00

In this short video, see how CATIA Composer can import native CATIA V5 Composite parts, and preserve all of the Composite Design and Analysis data for use in creating rich 3D documentation.

A simple example of a CATIA V5 Composite part is used in the video, modelled using the 'Zone Approach' with one main laminate and four thicker, reinforcement laminates. 

Learn how to open and select the CATPart from your file browser and see how it replicates in Composer, with all the geometry included.  You will now have the ability to design and capture multiple scenes (or views) as well as create high quality key-frame based animations. 

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