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Did you know ....?

Posted by Jonathan Grivas on 17-Aug-2020 11:45:00

Common Points

Independent of what industry you are in, there are common points which we all focus on:

  • 'Go to market' strategyPuzzle pieces business units and semiconductor collaborative design
  • Time and resource to innovate
  • How to get our product to market faster, more efficiently at a reduced cost?
  • How to adapt our processes and business model to market changes?
  • What area, department or process do we need to improve?
  • How are our competitors doing and why do we lose business to them?
  • What value do we offer our customers?
  • What is the real customer experience?
  • How can we unify sales with engineering and marketing through to production?
  • Do your marketing or salespeople know what other departments do?

Business Focus

I have come across the concept of split basecamp between sales & marketing, engineering & sales, and marketing & engineering, many times.

The business focus is to increase margins and sales on products. C level executives build a plan and delegate tasks or projects through variety of initiatives.

Usually, the allocation process goes well but the stumbling block is in execution. Marketing need renders or photos of a new product and depend on engineering. Sales depend on marketing for the content creation. Sales depend on engineering on product know how and engineering depend on sales to bring the business in to manufacture the product to market.

It’s a circle and we all depend on one another.

sales marketing engineering puzzle team

Then we have procurement, logistics, accounting, after sales …

Every person, or position in a company no matter how big or small you are, has an important role to play.

I am sure that most of you reading this do more, or have more than one role, and it somewhat has become the norm in this difficult time.


Did you know there is a solution out there that can solve your challenges?

Yes, there actually is a solution and when implemented and supported by the right people will future proof your company.

It doesn’t matter what CAD product you are using; it doesn’t matter what your product is.

What matters is whether you are ready to embrace change and adapt to the new ways of market trends.

I am sure that most of you during the pandemic have thought what is going to happen next?

team demo marketing sales engineering procurement manufacturing team
  • How can we survive as a business?
  • How can I keep my manufacturing output the same with less people in the office?
  • What do I need to do to optimise my 'working from home' team? How can we improve our communication methods?
  • How can we reduce mistakes, waste and unnecessary costs?
  • How can we gain industry insights or enter new markets?

Or just simply -

  • how can we improve our design to manufacturing process?

There are many questions I am sure that all of you are asking yourselves, independent on what position you hold in your company.

Working hard is great, through our solutions we can help you amplify your hard work and evolve to working smarter!

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Here are DTE we are here to help and your success is our passion. That’s why we offer solutions,  not products.

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