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Digitizing Shop Floor documentation with CATIA Composer

Posted by John Herring on 17-Dec-2020 10:19:32

Wide Ranging Capabilities

Whether your company specializes in machining, assembly or maintenance, CATIA Composer offers wide ranging capabilities to produce animation, still images or technical illustrations.

In the short video demonstration below, I show an example of how CATIA Composer can be leveraged in the manufacturing environment.

  • No more paper
  • No more NCR due to shop floor issue control
  • No more ambiguity from 2D still images
  • Immersive and interactive player

The import of data is not solely for CATIA users. Composer will take in a number of vendor specific formats and many neutral ones.



CATIA Composer (previously 3DVIA Composer) can be used by non-technical users and does not require Computer-Aided Design (CAD) knowledge or training. Intelligent views permit complex product procedures to be effectively communicated using a minimum of text in a highly engaging interactive 3D experience. Views can be annotated and labelled in any way and format the user wishes, and Styles can be applied to any content to ensure visual consistency.

Repurpose existing 3D design data to more rapidly create and update high-quality product deliverables including documentation, technical illustrations, animations, and interactive 3D experiences. Input data can come from any 3D CAD system and can be maintained in the file system or in any PLM system.


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