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How & Why with Adams Flex

Posted by Andy Woodward on 08-Jan-2021 15:58:12

How To and Why To use Flexible Members in Mechanical System Design

System dynamics is very important in the design of mechanisms – ignoring dynamic effects and flexibility in your system by simulating mechanisms using simple kinematics such as the tools in your CAD system, can lead to problems in behaviour downstream - as this short video illustrates.  

Adams, the multibody dynamics package from MSC Software, is used across many industries from Automotive and Aerospace through industrial machinery to consumer products for assessing and improving the dynamic performance of moving systems.

One key benefit of Adams is the ability to use reduced Finite Element models to replace rigid representations of parts with flexible versions that capture the static stiffness and vibration modes of each part.

Exposing issues that affect performance of an assembly line system

The video shows how to add a flexible member to a robot model which exposes a vibration issue that would affect the performance of the system in an assembly line context due to the time taken to settle after movement.


Adams is a very powerful tool that can be used at all stages of development to layout the basics of your system, generate component loads for designers and then validate the behaviour of the system as the part designs evolve. 

DTE have nearly 20 years experience supporting customers in implementing and using Adams within their company.  Adams can be licensed under the MSC One token licensing system which opens up access to other simulation tools in the MSC portfolio such as Nastran for FEA, Cradle for CFD and many others. 

Understanding which is the best tool for you in the context of your products can be daunting. At DTE we have lots of experience with all these tools and can talk you through the options to make sure the tool you choose suits you in the future, as well as with todays' requirements.  Get in touch to talk with our technical department about your needs.


Adams MBD Software

Adams multi-body dynamics software enables engineers to easily create and test virtual prototypes of mechanical systems in a fraction of the time and cost required for physical build and test. 

Unlike most CAD embedded tools, Adams incorporates real physics by simultaneously solving equations for kinematics, statics, quasi-statics, and dynamics.

Adams is available within MSC Software's subscription-based token system, MSC One. Each individual software item requires a certain number of tokens to run, and after each use, your tokens are returned to the pool for other use. 

Read the MSC One software solutions product guideThere are dozens of software items available which can be checked out and used to access and run a full range of CAE solutions available.


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