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How to define composites in MSC Apex

Posted by Andy Woodward on 16-Feb-2021 11:30:00

MSC Apex is the quick-to-learn, easy-to-use, intuitive Finite Element Modeller from MSC Software.

Defining and using laminate materials is part of the base license and uses a zone-based methodology for managing the stacking sequence.

The video demonstration is a short walk-through on how to go about applying laminate material (composite) properties to a mesh in MSC Apex, illustrating how a panel has its zones defined, and how you can interrogate a laminated model to understand the material definition.


If model preparation and meshing represent a bottleneck in your FEA process, no matter which solver you intend to use, there’s a good chance that MSC Apex can help you reduce the time it takes to build your models.

As part of the MSC One token licensing scheme, customers are able to make savings in the first month to cover the annual cost.

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Why use MSC Apex?


Learn more about MSC Apex >>The reason to use MSC Apex is the raw time savings you will achieve over your current pre-processor. MSC Apex gives you powerful tools that are both easy to use and highly intuitive. The result is arriving at a nearly analysis-ready model in far less time. The time saved can be applied towards getting a head-start on the next project. In one example, TLG Aerospace, a services group specializing in certifying aircraft, reduced the time to create the midsurface geometry and mesh of an airframe from 25.2 hours to 6 hours.


Access through MSC One

MSC Apex is available as part of the MSC One token licensing system.  The MSC One Start Edition makes this remarkably affordable for even the smallest enterprise – you can save enough time in the first month of use to justify the cost.

MSC One product guide and information brochure 2020
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Or send us your requirements and using our 20+ years’ experience in providing MSC solutions to the UK market, we will work with you to make sure you get the right packaging to minimise your costs.


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