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ICAM Post Processing Advantage

Posted by John Herring on 23-Mar-2020 14:55:44

Post Processing Overview

If you’re a CNC Programmer or Machinist the likelihood is you interact with machine code, often referred to as G-Code, on a daily basis. Around the world thousands of these G-Code files are produced from a CAM system with a few clicks of the mouse ready to be sent to a CNC machine or robot.

Most CAM systems produce a native cutter location file, often referred to as a CL file or in the case of CATIA, an APT Source. This CL file is in turn run through a Post Processor, either inside the CAM System itself or in the case of ICAM, an independent application, which will produce the G-Code file ready for the machine controller.


The ICAM advantage

ICAM Technologies are a Dassault Systemes partner, however, it has the capability to support multiple well-known CAM systems. If your company is running more than 1 CAM package this can bring a major financial advantage over using a Post Processor supplied by each individual CAM system vendor. It can also bring the additional benefit of standardizing your G-Code output, all machine code will visually look the same no matter which CAM system has created it, a real advantage for machine operators.

ICAM Technologies investment and maintenance costs

The scenario on the left involves investment and maintenance costs on 2 posts from 2 different vendors. The right-hand scenario available from ICAM only involves the purchase of a single post.


The DTE Advantage

Good and reliable G-Code generation can often be taken for granted but this can only ever be achieved with a robust Post Processor. DTE have a wealth of experience in writing and delivering Post Processors, coming from industry we understand the challenges faced by programmers and machinists alike.

Whether your requirement is a single CAM system posting to a 3-axis mill or multiple CAM systems posting to a complex multi-tasking machine we can offer value to your business.


DTE Manufacturing Consultants

DTE provide a dedicated team of manufacturing consultants with many years of industry experience in arenas including: Mold and Die, Aerospace, Motorsport and Medical.

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