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MSC Apex as a pre-processor for MSC Marc

Posted by Andy Woodward on 09-Jun-2021 14:40:45
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MSC Apex is first and foremost a pre/post processor for Nastran but that doesn’t stop users of other solver technologies from taking advantage of the model preparation and meshing capability. 

The Nastran bulk data format is the closest thing we have to a universal FEA definition file and so can be read by almost every other FEA application out there. 

This short video shows a quick example of using Apex to prep a model for Marc/Mentat where we want a hexahedral mesh for modelling a rubber component using the reduced integration Hermann element formulation, but creating that mesh in Mentat would take many hours. 

If you are using Marc/Mentat under the MSC One token licensing scheme you already have the 9 tokens needed to run MSC Apex.

If you are not using MSC One tokens, or are using a non-MSC solver -  get in touch with DTE to talk about just how little it would cost to add Apex to your arsenal of tools, and enquire about a free trial license to see what benefits it would bring.


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MSC Software's Simulation Portfolio  

MSC One - Adams, Marc, Apex, Nastran, Patran and more

MSC One is a flexible and expanded product software solution that lets you take advantage of the broad range of MSC Software’s simulation portfolio within a token-based licensing system.

  • Annual subscription, cost-effective investment in product development with access to suite of multidisciplinary engineering software tools including MSC Apex, MSC Nastran, Patran, Adams, Marc,  SimManager, MaterialCenter, and more.
  • Full range of analysis capability including linear and non-linear static and dynamics analysis together with multibody dynamics.
  • Interfaces with most popular CAD systems with rapid geometry clean-up capability.
  • Ability to analyse connected physics and disciplines delivers better prediction of part and system behaviour.

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