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Posted by Jonathan Grivas on 30-Jun-2020 10:31:20
The perception in many countries across the world about restrictions on business outside of the COVID-19 had always been a concern for me.

Why should a SME focus only on local markets?3DS world industrial city GettyImages-916414838

Throughout my experience both in Northern and Southern Europe I have identified the same trend.

Personally, If I were able to start a business, I would find it restrictive to sell my product or provide my service only in the country I reside in or just the surrounding regions.

One could argue there are language barriers but, it is 2020! People do speak English and multilingual professionals are not that scarce anymore.

I really like watching space exploration movies and documentaries. I have a rather large selection of HD Space wallpapers on my desktop. The one thing that blows my mind is when looking at the earth from space there are no borders visible.

The companies we read about and admire are the ones that manage to adapt and enter global markets. They create channels, networks and processes that allow them to be active on a global scale.

Well you could argue that they have the financial backing to do so and conclude “I am just a small company”.

I am sorry but, that is not the case.

In 2016, there was a mass hysteria with IOT (Internet of Things) that hit the planet with interconnected devices for all applications. Today the communication abilities through social media, online stores, drop shopping, digital banks, you name it, do not seem to have any form of restriction on where they do business.

“Well, I am just a one-man band”

That is awesome, you are so flexible, adaptable and have huge opportunities if you think about it.

Once upon a time, I used to work for a SOLIDWORKS Reseller. I used to talk to customers about the power of the SOLIDWORKS toolbox. When we used to demo this, engineers would have “aha” moments purely by the fact that they could utilise existing fasteners, washers and bolts from a database.

Similarly, in other products you could have access to various bits and pieces too. Later, down the line, there was 3DContent Central and Grabcad. Again, resource availability for engineers was great at the time.

“Where are you going with this Jonathan?”

Access parts, models, services or provide parts, models, services all through one place from anywhere…anytime…

CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud manufacturing webinar-1

That’s where I am going with this.

Friends and ex-colleagues of mine have been laid off due to the pandemic and only a few of them have had the EUREKA moment …

They discovered the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace.

“Isn’t the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform just CAD on the cloud?”

No, it’s not just CAD…

3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace is:


Connect directly with leading engineers and engineering offices specialized in Digitalization, Design and Certification of Products.

  • REACH - Dassault Systèmes' extensive user-base, Enterprise customers and other engineers globally.
  • PROMOTE - Your industrial know how and expertise as well as the additional services you offer.
  • RECEIVE - Qualified orders with industry standard specifications.
  • DEVELOP - Your business with dedicated Dashboards and Analytics.
  • OPERATE - Worldwide with end-to-end transaction management including currency, tax, billing information’s and payments.
  • DIGITIZE - Your quotation process with 3D based collaboration and full traceability all in one place.

So, basically you can enter global markets with a next to nothing cost. With full leverage, traceability, communication, collaboration with all the tools at hand through one source of truth.

Take a few minutes, open google maps. Zoom out … keep zooming out … Keep going … It stopped zooming out right?

delmia-3DEXPERIENCE 2020-banner

Can you see the world? That’s YOUR marketplace!

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is not just CAD on the cloud.

The Desktop Engineering team is here to help.

Your success is our passion.

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