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Training Certification - why do it?

Posted by Geoff Haines on 09-Jan-2018 14:20:30
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How do you get recognition of your skills or you want to be involved in better work or been seen as making a difference - how do you show your difference?  

It’s all about having something unique that gives value to your employer.

 DS certification Expert V5 Learning Path 

Or if when job seeking how do you differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack? I had a friend who said you should draw pretty flowers on your CV! – whether he ever did that I don’t know, but in the competitive world we live you have to have a difference. That’s what sells. In sales jargon it’s called a Unique Selling Point, and when going for a job or looking to improve your position, that’s what you need.

Design is now communicated through 3D CAD or PLM systems. It is the tool through which engineer’s express thoughts, so isn’t it the right thing to do to show that you have these skills and have them confirmed by independent assessment? In many safety critical roles, technicians have to have certification to maintain an aircraft for example, or service gas appliances. So why not design engineers?

To enable this, Dassault Systemes, have created a series of live interactive tests, to assess CATIA skills in Part Modelling, Assembly Modelling and Surface Modelling. Taking one hour and forty-five minutes, each of the tests asks multiple choice questions on modelling techniques and then has a live session using CATIA to create a 3D model for subsequent interrogation.

These represents a deep and exhaustive approach to assessing and certifying your knowledge.

But why do this?

Research by Dassault has shown that following certification:

  • More than 40% get better recognition within their company and amongst their peers
  • 30% got a better job or position
  • 10% had increases in salaries

CATIA Certification academia brochureDesktop Engineering is an accredited certification centre in the UK for Dassault Certification Exams. We hold these regularly and are proving popular with both individuals seeking to improve their employment prospects, but also by companies and recruiters. (NOTE:  this article was first published in October 2016 and has since been updated)

Dassault have published a white paper on the gains to be made from Training Certification.  Download the PDF or give us a call on 01993 883555 for more information.

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 (NOTE:  this article was first published in October 2016 and has since been updated)

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