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Unboxing MSC One

Posted by Andy Woodward on 23-Dec-2020 14:30:00

The MSC One Method

With MSC Software's subscription based token system, you receive a pool of tokens. Your tokens are checked out from the pool and are used to access and run a full range of CAE solutions available under the MSC One licensing system from MSC Software. Each individual software item requires a certain number of tokens to run. After each use, your tokens are returned to the pool for other use. There are dozens of software items available under MSC One.

In the video below, I unbox the MSC One products of Actran Acoustics, Adams Multibody Dynamics, Marc Non-Linear FEA, Apex FEA Modeller, Nastran FEA, Patran FEA pre/post, Cradle CFD and the MSC Learning Centre.

Watch the video above to see how we 'unbox' the various software products available through MSC One token-based subscription 


In summary:

Cost Effective:

So taking an example of an SME or Independent Consultant where one user is enough and 30 tokens covers the range of scenarios, the cost each year for minimum level access to all of the main products in MSC One: Nastran, Patran, Apex, Marc, Adams and Cradle CFD vs How much per year for 3 MSC One Single User Tokens? approximately 8x more cost-effective showing a substantial cost savings.

MSC One Start Edition is ideal for smaller companies:  
  • Who need e.g. Nastran to comply with supply chain or code requirements
  • Who cannot rely on the cut-down and over-simplified simulation tools in their CAD system
  • Who want to move from a find-and-fix approach to an integrated Virtual Product Development solution
MSC One is great for larger companies:
  • Do you have software inventory for some obscure need that gets used once or twice a year?
  • Is load balancing many different applications impossible due to multiple vendors?
  • Do your existing tools not communicate well?
  • Are you achieving high utilisation for your existing license fees?

Features and Benefits of MSC One  

  • Innovation:  Accelerate innovation in your product line by taking advantage of simulation solutions that your company did not have access to previously.  Its full range of analysis capability including linear and non-linear static and dynamic analysis together with multibody dynamics. Access infrequently used CAE applications that might otherwise be difficult to justify commercially.
  • Improve productivity and create a flexible environment, as your project and CAE needs mature or change.  Interfaces with most popular CAD systems with rapid geometry clean-up capability.
  • Accelerate innovation in your product line:  Access to MSC's range of products including Apex, Nastran, Patran, Adams, Marc,  SimManager, MaterialCenter, and more.
  • Ability to analyse connected physics and disciplines delivers better prediction of part and system behaviour.
  • Reduce costs and financial risk.  A flexible subscription pricing model, MSC One capacity can be expanded or contracted based on current and future project needs giving flexibility on your investment.  Consolidate your CAE software suppliers to most effectively stretch your limited budget.
  • Improve productivity and create a flexible environment, as your project and CAE needs mature or change.
Who is it best for?
  • Read the MSC One software solutions product guideEngineering project managers
  • CAE engineering departments
  • VP of Engineering
  • Purchasing and procurement

For all Large-scale global enterprises; Small-Medium sized companies with tight budgets and heavy engineering needs; Consulting firms that cannot invest in outright per-seat purchases; and more.  

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