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scSTREAM: internal & external flows for cooling electrical devices

Posted by Andy Woodward on 14-Oct-2021 14:00:00

Thermal and Condensation Simulation

We are getting more and more interest in the Cradle CFD products from MSC Software, particularly scSTREAM due to its ease of use and powerful capabilities around flow, thermal and condensation simulation which make it ideal for engineers working in the battery charging arena.

This short video example shows how to set up a simple model where a forced liquid flow cools an assembly internally, while free convection is used to remove heat from the outside.

Using scSTREAM to model internal and external flows for cooling electrical devices


scSTREAM is available in the MSC One token licensing system - which also gives you access to the more traditional scFLOW CFD package - as well as MSC Software’s other analysis tools, such as Nastran and Adams.


CRADLE scFLOW scSTREAM product guideThe Role of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in Engineering

One of the foremost expectations of today's successful product-driven companies is that they bring high value-added products, that meet customer needs, quickly to the market. In addition, successful companies proactively identify application scenarios that could result in unsatisfactory performance, product failures, customer dissatisfaction and/or develop design solutions that mitigate the potential risks. 

Software Cradle develops and provides thermo-fluid simulation software and optional tools that suit various industries and objectives. 

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MSC Software's Simulation Portfolio

Access through MSC One

All these capabilities are included within the flexible MSC One licensing scheme, so if you’d like to discuss your requirements in more detail and to understand if Apex could help you, please get in touch with Lynsey Watts on 01993 883555 or send us your requirements. 

Using our 20+ years of experience in providing MSC solutions to the UK market, we will work with you to make sure you get the right packaging to minimise your costs.

  • Full range of analysis capability including linear and non-linear static and dynamics analysis together with multibody dynamics.
  • Interfaces with most popular CAD systems with rapid geometry clean-up capability.
  • Ability to analyse connected physics and disciplines delivers better prediction of part and system behaviour.

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