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What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2021?

Posted by Jonathan Grivas on 07-Oct-2020 13:45:00

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Do you know what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2021?

For those of you who did not know, SOLIDWORKS develop the software based on your feedback and requirements.

Every year the new version of SOLIDWORKS has enhancements and new features that are developed with your requirements in mind.

Here are the top SOLIDWORKS enhancements in the 2021 version:

Connect to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform:

Create seamless product development workflows and easily extend them with new tools as your business needs evolve. This connected design-to-manufacturing ecosystem in the cloud enables teams to collaborate on real-time data anywhere and at any time on any Internet-enabled device.

SOLIDWORKS On the cloud:

Design, develop and collaborate on the cloud. SOLIDWORKS applications are available at your fingertips from any device on the cloud through a browser. Apps such as 3D Creator, 3D Sculptor - even 3D Sheetmetal Creator!


3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional and Premium. Interconnect the cloud tools in each level of SOLIDWORKS. This enables you to have an enhanced and wider tool kit with a seamless level of collaboration and development.

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Large Assembly Design:

    • Interference-detection reports that can be exported with images to Excel spreadsheets
    • The ability to save defeatured models as configurations so users can toggle between full and simplified versions
    • Auto resolve lightweight components
    • Curve length for chain patterns
    • An option to automatically resolve lightweight components upon expanding feature Tree node.

Part design flexibility:

    • Redo, now available for over 60 features and commands in parts
    • Sheet metal for edge flanges on non-planar tangent edges
    • Complex flanges can be flattened
    • Ability to add and evaluate equations in file properties and cut list properties

Work faster on large, complex designs: 

    • Improved performance for occlusion culling, silhouette edges and drawings.
    • Open, save and close assemblies.
    • Detection and reporting of circular references
    • Adding files to SOLIDWORKS PDM vault.
SOLIDWORKS Simulation:SOLIDWORKS simulation

Solve more models with contact faster:

    • Faster contact simulation significantly speeds up contact simulation calculations.
    • Improvements include parallel computing
    • Better CPU usage
    • Faster stiffness calculations
    • More robust data communication for contact.

Better Meshing:   you can’t simulate until you create a mesh. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2021 offers a new mesh default:

    • No enforced common modes that enables users to obtain a mesh much faster with the same accuracy as with common nodes between parts.
    • New mesh diagnostics enable users to identify, isolate, and be prompted when poor quality elements need to be fixed, improving mesh quality.

Tap into built-in intelligence:  Who doesn’t want a smarter way to simulate? With an automatic selection of the equation-solver, your simulations will be more accurate and faster.

Data and Product Lifecycle Management in the Cloud with 3DEXPERIENCE® and SOLIDWORKS


Redesigned Plastics Manager tree:  A redesign of various nodes of the Plastics Manager tree provides more streamlined ad logical workflow for material selection, domain specification, process parameters and other key plastics simulation tasks. Taking advantage of these new workflows will greatly simplify simulation pre-processing.

Improved cooling results accuracy:  Improvements to baffle and bubbler cooling system components include a new feature that splits flow passage into two halves when a blade is inserted in channel. For bubblers, plat is replaced with smaller inner tube.

More accurate and up-to-date material data:  We have forged partnerships with leading global plastic material suppliers to ensure our customers have the most precise plastics material data, which leads to improved results.


SOLIDWORKS Electrical:

Faster 3D electrical routing:  Performance with routing of wires in 3D has been vastly improved enabling users to 3xperiment more quickly with electrical route path choices inside complex equipment to refine the overall product design.

User rights customization:  You can now customize user access to areas, such as libraries, projects, product data and drawing controls for members of your workgroup to ensure data security and output consistency.

Gain a more realistic of your product:  Determining the mass properties of your wire, cable, and electrical harness design inside the 3D model of your overall machine, product, or vehicle.


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