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Are your Issues more of an Issue than you realise?

Posted by Neil Watford on 28-May-2020 09:02:17

Issues – we all know that they exist, but are we ever truly aware of how bad they are? how many of them there are? who is fixing them, and when they have been fixed?

If not, then is your business outnumbered, outflanked and ill-prepared for the fight against issues? And how much is all this costing your business?

I hear you say - But issues can occur anywhere and at any time. It's difficult to log not only the issue, but the detail required, to properly fix it quickly and effectively – Or is it?

Please let me introduce you to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, based on the cloud and mobile ready, it allows issues to be raised by anyone, with just the most basic license from anywhere with an internet connection. Imagine, raising an issue as soon as it is found while all the details are still fresh in your mind.

When 'Creating an Issue' in 3DEXPERIENCE it becomes a container for all the details, a user can use text, upload files, pictures, screenshots, or reference 3D geometry stored within 3DEXPERIENCE, and finally a severity is assigned.

Everything that is needed to make sure an issue is fully understood and ready to be rectified. Once all the detail is in, it can be assigned to the person that raised it – or assigned to another user within 3DEXPERIENCE, and once assigned, will be visible to the user and an email notification is sent.

An issue logged in 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Image 1 – An issue logged in 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Let me run through a scenario with you:

A user on your production line is starting with a new product, they notice a problem with the fabrication or assembly. They use a local PC or phone to access 3DEXPERIENCE platform and raise a new issue. They add some detail text directly in the issue and use the ‘Recommended Resolution’ section as they have a good idea on how to fix the problem.

They search for the part/drawing in 3DEXPERIENCE and attach this to the issue along with some pictures they have taken showing the issue directly on the production line. Looking at who owns the part/drawing in 3DEXPERIENCE, they assign the issue to this person.

The person assigned the issue receives an email and sees the issue appear in their Issue Management tool, and at a glance can see the severity of the issues assigned to them. Upon opening, they find all the information they need to review and resolve the issue  (no informal discussions, emails, chats that consume more time and cannot be referenced at a later date).  If several issues are raised against a part or assembly, these can be also be reviewed collectively by viewing the geometry in 3D (allowing a whole team to review) so that ideas can be discussed and issues updated directly from this 3D view (shown in image 2).

Raising Issues in 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Image 2 - Showing Issues visible on the 3D geometry

From a managers point of view, they can see how many issues are currently active in their company at any one time, how severe they are, track how close to being resolved they are using the maturity state of the issue (Draft, To Do, In Work, In Review and Complete) and who to speak to get an update as the owner and assignee are obvious.

So referring back to my original question, and now using the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, as a company you can now know how many issues are affecting you, how severe they are, who is looking at them and how close they are to being fixed!  Suddenly you are in a position to focus your resources where they are needed most, learn lessons and as a result, reduce future issues and costs.

Following on from issues being raised on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, imagine if as a result of these issues a change was required to a part, drawing, document, etc. Wouldn’t another powerful outcome be to take the information gained in an issue and use that to raise a change in the system and track that change (in a similar way to the issues) giving your business even more visibility of what change is costing your business?

Well you can with the power of 3DEXPERIENCE... - and I think that has given me an idea for my next blog …


This, and much more is available on cloud when you start your 3DEXPERIENCE journey:

  • Project Management
  • Change management
  • 3D for all
  • 3D Design Reviews
  • Manufacturing Planning
  • And lots more

So, can you afford to continue to lose the battle against issues and the costs that come with them? Or do you think it is time to add the power of 3DEXPERIENCE to your corner and fight back?


If you feel that you could benefit from some of the concepts shown in brief here or would just like a conversation – get in touch on +44(0)1993 883 555 or use the form below.

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