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On Cloud Collaborative Design

Posted by Geoff Haines on 14-Jul-2017 09:00:00

On Cloud software is the general trend of many applications – starting with email, it has progressed through to accounting software, customer relationship software and even finite element analysis.

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Why CATIA on the Cloud may be the closest you get to an effective PLM Solution

Posted by Stephen Owen on 06-Apr-2017 15:52:28

PLM was supposed to be a natural evolution, taking advantage of the information associated within 3D data to then flow into all downstream activities.  PLM was created (by Dassault Systemes) around 20 years ago and the process was adopted industry-wide.

As you may be aware the industry standard definition of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from inception to its retirement. PLM encompasses people, data, processes and business systems that providing the backbone for companies and their extended enterprise.

While nobody doubted the opportunities available in utilizing the information for downstream activities, the overall investment, along with necessary changes in company’s culture, and process curtailed its wider acceptance. Based on the above, PLM become the domain of larger companies (OEM’s).

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3 advantages of PLM in Aerospace program management

Posted by Geoff Haines on 13-Apr-2016 16:11:00

Major disruptions present a huge risk to your aerospace program. When they occur, a comprehensive plan must be drawn up, distributed to stakeholders and executed. Yet, sometimes this just isn’t enough. 

The complexity of most aerospace programs means multiple projects run simultaneously. With numerous departments and countless internal teams involved, it’s tough to roll out a response to a major disruption that can efficiently minimise the fallout.

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