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Value of PLM for small businesses in 2021

Posted by Jonathan Grivas on 14-Jan-2021 14:00:00

It is a very common feeling when the acronym “PLM” is mentioned that one would think of a large enterprise or business. I wouldn’t argue but, this acronym or infrastructure is not only for large companies. The acronym underlines a process in which currently all companies irrelevant of size or annual revenue undertake in either a manual or semi-manual process.  

PLM – Product Lifecycle Management  

⇒  Is there a product that is developed, designed to manufacture, installed,and maintained that does not have a managed lifecycle? 

PLM projects people processes 3DX

All of you know that nearly every single item produced is designed with a lifespan and after market sales/maintenance is a very profitable market.  

⇒  The question here is are you leveraging a unified process within your company to reduce not only your internal costs but increase your team’s operational efficiency and collaboration? 



cloud 3DEXPERIENCE Dassault Systemes AEC CCT mountain over city

The fundamental challenge in 2021 is keeping a business going in the right direction and growing against the continuous strains that are being thrown our way.

Prior to lockdowns and restriction of movement engineers were able to have access to shop floors and monitor progress.

Machinists and production personnel had access to the design office to communicate any changes required and sharing knowledge was relatively easy.

Communicating and meeting customers was easy with face-to-face meetings to review requirements or changes.  



Cloud business linking 3DEXPERIENCE to all devices

Given these needs 3DEXPERIENCE® PLM On Cloud is here for SOLIDWORKS® delivering up all those collaboration and data management requirements for a true PLM solution -  with zero installation cost and implementations that small to medium sized companies can afford.

Most companies are already spending a lot more cash with traditional file-based systems that have a heavy hardware bill attached in the background. 


“Having your head in the clouds” isn’t negative in 2021 because 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud PLM will be one of the best decisions a company can make. 





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