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Why CATIA on the Cloud may be the closest you get to an effective PLM Solution

Posted by DTE on 06-Apr-2017 15:52:28

PLM was supposed to be a natural evolution, taking advantage of the information associated within 3D data to then flow into all downstream activities.  PLM was created (by Dassault Systemes) around 20 years ago and the process was adopted industry-wide.5 w's who what where when why how

As you may be aware the industry standard definition of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from inception to its retirement. PLM encompasses people, data, processes and business systems that providing the backbone for companies and their extended enterprise.

While nobody doubted the opportunities available in utilizing the information for downstream activities, the overall investment, along with necessary changes in company’s culture, and process curtailed its wider acceptance. Based on the above, PLM become the domain of larger companies (OEM’s).

Even today most these larger companies never implemented an all-inclusive PLM approach but an offering that was more of a hybrid approach or Product Data Management Plus (PDM-plus).

PDM-plus is really what most companies realistically should strive for as a standard for optimising investment into the Design process. My own definition of PDM-plus is the ability “to visualise” and understand the FIVE -W’s (Who, When, Where, Why and What) to effectively manage the project.

I believe that not having a documented system that utilises the FIVE -W’s is a familiar problem in the industry.  We all went from 2D to 3D design and took advantage of the improvements, then we struggled to exploit the intelligence in the data model to support the management of the project (using disparate tools).

Implementing a PDM-plus solution will control the FIVE -W’s and optimise the intelligence in their day to day processes, allowing your team to not reinvent sections of the wheel every time.

Dassault’s "CATIA on the Cloud" is the only offering I believe that can meet the FIVE -W’s standards and removes the costs and politics associated with positioning a PLM Solution. This belief is centred around that every facet of the application was generated using the same architecture, a "Single Source of Truth" for project collaboration. 

The subscription based pricing provides the renowned CATIA (V6) mechanical design suite and the benefits of PDM-plus automatically/native to the application. The FIVE -W’s become an organic deliverable and all factions involved have “real time “advantages of the design project (understand, control, capture, responsibility and re-use).

Desktop Engineering has created, for companies that want to validate the immediate improvements, an evaluation program called "CATIA on the Cloud" based on the Dassault 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Please review the below and we would welcome your inquiry.

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