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Current practice in architectural and engineering design involves workflow methods that can have many stages and steps that challenge the efficacy and quality of the design and construction process.  Unnecessary costs accrue through design collaboration delays and redesign or rework at any stage which challenges the business model of all participants.

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Article RoundUp 2018

Blog Posts from January to July 2018

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

    • Adaptive Building Design
      In recent years many papers, both government whitepapers, research document and industry guru’s have voiced concern on the poor productivity within the construction industry.

    • Dropbox and BIM
      Dropbox is used very frequently amongst companies within the construction industry as a mechanism to share information. Its cheap, easy to use and available to synchronise files across many hardware platforms. It is easy to see why it has been taken up by many small, medium and even large organisations to help them manage BIM information on building projects.

    • 3DEXPERIENCE Design Share Collaboration Tool
      In this short video you will see some of the powerful live collaboration tools of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform in a scenario where two designers are working on different parts within the same product.
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