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Building Experience Modeling Era

Posted by DTE on 07-Nov-2019 12:46:34

The design revolution is now and a new era has begun! Welcome to the Building Experience Modeling (BEM) era!  This generation has been given the task to design and build sustainable green buildings using renewable resources, reliably and safely - in less time and with unnecessary outlay of costs.

Delivering these complex solutions with reliability and precision is a challenge facing the building industry.  With the introduction of new innovative tools available, designers are able to go from 2D to 3D CAD - using Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology to digitally create design simulations to manage all the information associated with architectural projects.

2D_design_image(While Computer Aided Design (CAD) creates 2-dimensional (2D) or 3-dimensional (3D) drawings that don't distinguish between elements, BIM incorporates 4D (time) and 5D (costs) allowing users to manage information throughout project lifecycle intelligently, whilst automating processes such as programming, conceptual and detailed design, analysis, documentation, manufacturing, construction logistics, maintenance, building operations, renovations or demolition.)

Another challenges is keeping up with building standards, stakeholder collaboration and project lifecycle management in an automated process.

'Digital continuity enables the emerging architectural vocabulary to be codified into a flexible system of intelligence.These factors, combined with competitive market dynamics, are moving industry standard from delivering a static 3D structure to modeling a complete experience.' -


Dawn of a Design Moment

The opportunity to create beautiful works of architecture is what has drawn creative people to the field of architectural design. But then reality hit as imperfect tools available dictated the creative potential and constrained the processes (Niche specialist tools, Eco system fragmentation, Digital Discontinuity).

Dassault Systemes have developed a series of innovative tools and industry solutions to usher us into this  'Dawn of a Design Moment' where 'Creativity is unleashed' and 'generative design, accessible automation, digital continuity and collaboration on the cloud' will draw us into a powerful new era of the 3DEXPERIENCE Building Experience Modeling movement.

Respect the Art - Architect of the Future:


3DEXPERIENCE Building Modeling

With the 3D Generative Innovator on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, designers wield total flexibility and unmatched creativity. Automation is democratized.  In this design moment full of potential and flexibility, 3D Generative Innovator will mark the start of the period in which Building Experience Modeling will literally change our world.
  • Scalability: revolutionary automation engine links intuitive 3D modeling tool with visual scripting interface to bring automation technology to wider audience, and how smart tools will empower designers to generate complex geometries, rapidly explore more patterns and potential design solutions,  capture and reuse logic as needed.  
  • Synchronicity:  how digital continuity will allow design and construction teams to perform efficiently, eliminating rework and preserving deep project knowledge. The robust 3DEXPERIENCE platform connects conceptual designs to fabrication-level detail, retaining all underlying data.
  • Accessibility: with easy-to-access web-based modeling application that simplifies deployment requirements and improves usability from multiple devices - laptop, desktop, mobile and tablet. Work anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Cloud-based collaboration improves communication, transparency and trust.

Jonathan Asher, Dassault Systemes, presented xGenerative Design and On-Cloud Concept Building Designer role within the AEC industry solutions at DTE's #BeyondBIM2019 Symposium on 5 March 2019.

Follow the DTE blog as we introduce CATIA xGenerative Design and show you how to unleash your creativity with an intuitive algorithmic approach on cloud, and take you into the potential and flexibility in this dawn of design moment. 

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