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SIX Sigma - 5 Why's: 3DEXPERIENCE

1. WHY is the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform the future?

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Systemes provides software solutions for every organization in your company - from marketing to sales to engineering – that help you, in your value creation process, to create differentiating consumer experiences.

With a single, easy-to-use interface, it powers INDUSTRY SOLUTION EXPERIENCES, based on 3D design, analysis, simulation and intelligence software in a collaborative interactive environment.

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Simulate 3D printing of a part with Simufact Additive

Developing the ideal process parameters for 3D printing a part can be expensive: in both time and raw materials.

Developing the ideal process parameters for 3D printing a part can be expensive: in both time and raw materials.  Simufact Additive, from MSC Software and available withing the MSC One flexible licensing solution, allows users to quickly evaluate the effects of part orientation, material selection, machine parameters and post-build operations to reduce the number of test runs required in metal to achieve a minimised distortion and residual stress condition.

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Defining 3D Orthotropic material models

Digimat advanced materials modelling environment

Available within the flexible MSC One licensing environment, Digimat provides many tools for enhancing the fidelity of the material models used by engineers for finite element analysis and reduces the need for lengthy and expensive coupon testing.

This short video gives a demonstration of how easily Digimat MF and FE can be used to define 3D orthotropic material models using simple isotropic models for the constituent materials of epoxy/fibre laminates.

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Innovative new approach to topology optimisation

Apex Generative Design

MSC Software have just announced the addition of Apex Generative Design to their MSC One flexible token based licensing solution.

This combines the award winning geometry defeaturing capabilities of MSC Apex with an innovative new approach to topology optimisation resulting in higher fidelity shapes suitable for 3D printing but in a small fraction of the time taken for many of the solvers commonly used for this task today.
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No borders, no restrictions – Industry Renaissance

The perception in many countries across the world about restrictions on business outside of the COVID-19 had always been a concern for me.

Why should a SME focus only on local markets?

Throughout my experience both in Northern and Southern Europe I have identified the same trend.

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Do not fear change, embrace it! …Really?

Change – It happens, and it must happen in order for things to (hopefully) get better.

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Are your Issues more of an Issue than you realise?

Issues – we all know that they exist, but are we ever truly aware of how bad they are? how many of them there are? who is fixing them, and when they have been fixed?

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We don’t do Project Management

Or do we?

When speaking to customers about 3DEXPERIENCE, I often include a discussion about project management. Quite often customers - especially smaller ones with fewer staff – will say we are too small to justify project management:  “We don’t do Project Management”.

In my experience this is rarely the case, but perhaps it would be best to first define what I mean by Project Management.

If you think I am about to start talking about Prince 2 or Six Sigma, then I am sorry (not sorry) to disappoint you.

I am referring to something much more basic.


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Customer applauds DTE’s immediate response to home working

Remote Working Challenge

Following the COVID-19 lockdown many companies faced the challenge of how to connect all their homeworking employees to office servers, securely drawing on centralised software licencing regimes that many software company’s employ.  Integrated Design Management, a design house using CATIA V5 supplied by Desktop Engineering (DTE), faced this problem of continuing their operations. 

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First Live Online Training in 3DEXPERIENCE delivered

15 delegates all connected from home

Just 3 days after launching our Live Online training portal, DTE has successfully delivered its first course to 15 delegates.

Engineers from Vertical Aerospace, the British eVTOL company, joined with DTE consultant Neil Watford, on a day’s session on Change Management using Dassault’s 3DEXPERIENCE On-Cloud platform.

All delegates praised the format, commenting that it was easy to join, access the training collateral and interact with the trainer.

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