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How to use sensors in MSC Adams

Shear Force & Bending Moment Diagrams

scSTREAM: internal & external flows for cooling electrical devices

What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2022

MSC Apex and CAEFatigue for Random Response analysis


Actran Diffuse Sound Field (DSF) demo

MSC Apex as a pre-processor for MSC Marc

#3DEXPERIENCE WORKS reference selection

#BeyondBIM2021 Symposium Highlights

Company Restructuring & Software Licencing

Space Technologies - solutions with Heritage

Improve composite FEA process AND get manufacturing output

How to define composites in MSC Apex

New Space ... New Horizons

A New Year Begins ...

Value of PLM for small businesses in 2021

How & Why with Adams Flex

Unboxing MSC One

Digitizing Shop Floor documentation with CATIA Composer

DTE achieves Highest Technical Certifications

What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2021?

#BeyondBIM2020 presentations

Predicting Flowrate with scFLOW

3DEXPERIENCE Platform – Key Features End Users Will Relate To!

scFLOW Simulation Demo

Did you know ....?

SIX Sigma - 5 Why's: 3DEXPERIENCE

Simulate 3D printing of a part with Simufact Additive

Defining 3D Orthotropic material models

Innovative new approach to topology optimisation

Ushering in a new Era with Jaguar Land Rover

No borders, no restrictions – Industry Renaissance

Do not fear change, embrace it! …Really?

Are your Issues more of an Issue than you realise?

We don’t do Project Management

Customer applauds DTE’s immediate response to home working

Live Online Training in 3DEXPERIENCE delivered

ICAM Post Processing Advantage

MSC Software - working from home licence options

Using CATIA V5 from home – free solution from DTE

Business as Usual - Working from Home

The PLM ROI Conundrum

3DEXPERIENCE Launcher license renewal

Dassault Systemes awards DTE with a hat-trick

R2020x What’s New:  Mechanical Engineering Roles

Taper Barrell Milling in CATIA and DELMIA

Maximising Efficiency with CATIA Manufacturing

Highlights of New Release of 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA R2020X


We’ve gone live! – Engineering Services Portal

Building Experience Modeling Era

Benefits of CATIA for Composite Design & Manufacturing

Intelligent 3D Curtain Wall Design

How to Manage Aerospace Supply Chains using Software

How a 3D design environment can improve your structural design

How 'Experience Thinking' can make your designs & products stand out

3 reasons why 2D alone design hinders manufacturing

Training Certification - should you be taking the exam?

Why 2D alone design hinders manufacturing

Benefits of 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA for Composite Design & Manufacturing

Boeing 737 MAX – The case for Instructor-led Training

My3DEXPERIENCE: Boost your CATIA V5 collaboration


What's New in 2019x?

Electronics Cooling with scSTREAM

Modelling methodology in CATIA V5 Article Series

Article RoundUp 2018

Design of the V&A Museum, Dundee – Kengo Kuma

Adaptive Building Design

2D or not 2D that is the question?

Dropbox and BIM

The advantages and disadvantages of self-driving cars

3DEXPERIENCE Design Share Collaboration Tool

Scripting with MSC Apex

CATIA Composer with Composite Part Data

Non-uniform Thickness with MSC Apex

Geometry Manipulation with Apex

Defeaturing with MSC Apex

Electric Vehicles – a Gold Rush?

Modelling methodology in CATIA V5 - Part 7

Modelling methodology in CATIA V5 - Part 6

Training Certification - why do it?

Modelling methodology in CATIA V5 - Part 5

CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE contributes to 2 Construction Awards

Birdstrike Simulation

The importance of composites in Aerospace & Automotive industries

Understanding the risks in the aerospace supply chain

Zoom Modelling with MSC Marc

Modelling Methodology in CATIA V5 - Part 4

Thin Shell Modelling of Plastic Parts

OEM customers benefit from proven integration experience & expertise for Stage V transition

On Cloud Collaborative Design

Meshing Irregular Parts in Hex Elements

Modelling Methodology in CATIA V5 - Part 3

Modelling Methodology in CATIA V5 - Part 2

Modelling methodology in CATIA V5

Composite Zoning Optimisation

Dassault Systemes certification & accreditation

Fracture Mechanics

Adaptive Meshing

Random Vibration Fatigue

Topology Optimisation and 3D Printing

Why CATIA on the Cloud may be the closest you get to an effective PLM Solution

On Cloud or Full Cloud?

Welding Simulation

Intelligent Rainscreen Façade Video

“It’s CAD Jim, but not as we know it …….”

Random Acoustic Loading

Virtual Loads Modelling

Improve your 3D metal printing process

Are Alternative Facts acceptable to an Engineer?

Delamination Modelling

FEA Model Checking - Part 2

FEA Model Checking - Part 1

Topic RoundUp

Non-linear Flexible body dynamics

Flexible bodies in Motion Simulation

How BIM has changed Façade Design

Intelligent 3D Facade Templated Design

3 simple ways to improve machine tool life

Why Composite Materials are the best thing for the Automotive sector

3 important talking points in the automotive sector

3 ways a 3D approach improves your design and manufacturing

The threat of 3D Printing to intellectual property

5 important articles in manufacturing you may have missed

To BIM or not to BIM

Using the cloud to bring your designs to life

3 things you need to know about Stage V emissions standards

3 Ways to Improve Aircraft Design and Production

3 trends shaping the future of the automotive industry

3 advantages of CATIA in Aerospace Composite Design & Manufacturing

3 advantages of PLM in Aerospace program management

3 ways to embed a design-led approach into your business

Why the design phase of product development is important to business strategy

5 talking points in the manufacturing industry you may have missed

3 ways structural design is improved by the 3D design approach

3 ways to extend machine tool life

2 ways to reduce manufacturing cycle time

Implementing Risk Management in the Aerospace Supply Chain

The benefits of re-shoring the supply chain

Making the most out of aerospace supply chain

The Effects of Variation in CAE

The Importance of Virtual Manufacturing in CAE

How environmental pressures affect aerospace design and manufacturing

Why training is important in aerospace design and manufacturing

Motion Simulation: Kinematics vs Dynamics

Developing trends in the aerospace supply chain

5 benefits of 3D Printing for Aerospace design and manufacturing

4 benefits of Composite Materials in Aerospace Manufacturing

3 ways to reduce costs in the Aerospace industry

3 Ways that 3D Design Benefits the Structural Design Process

3 Reasons Post-Processing Software is Essential

3 Benefits of Using CATIA in an Aerospace Manufacturing Supply Chain

3 Ways CATIA 3D Master Can Improve Your Product Development

3 Ways to Benefit from a 3D Design Approach

5 Key Values of the CATIA 3D Master Concept

The Challenges of a 2D Alone Design Environment

Moving from 2D to 3D

What is the CATIA 3D Master Concept?