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#BeyondBIM2020 presentations

Posted by Geoff Haines on 24-Sep-2020 13:45:00

'A Vision for the Future'

#BeyondBIM2020 AEC symposium moved from a one day event in London to a digital platform for 2020 with live webinar presentations from speakers scheduled over a couple of weeks.

Leading members of the Architecture, Engineering, Construction community presented case studies and discussions on the future vision of building, highlighting examples and projects where BIM is used and evolved into aiding the fabrication and construction process.

Building Information Management (BIM) is well established as a technology and process to improve the collaboration and design of buildings. Whilst architects and engineers are engaged in working with this approach, the need for construction to be engaged early in the design process is paramount. Decisions made in design can have a profound affect on cost and construct-ability.

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Watch all the presentations below:


Dale Sinclair Director of Technical Practice at AECOMDale Sinclair, Director of Technical Practice. AECOM

The onset of BIM has resulted in significant changes to the way we produce information.  However, workflow remains wedded to traditional design and construction ways of doing things. 

This talk considers how paradigm shifts in design and construction will be facilitated by rethinking workflow using new digital tools in what is likely to be the most disruptive decade for a century.

Watch Dale Sinclair AECOM presentation now


Mattia Santi Co Founder Director SaSi StudioMattia Santi, Co-founder and Director. SaSi Studio

New processes introduced in Industry 4.0 are changing the way we build our products.  Contemporary technologies based on Big Data, AI and BIM allow to generate real time taxonomies from complex data structures through collection of data from users and companies across the world.  Several types of data, such us environmental data, supply chain data and material costs can become design parameters managed in a BIM environment.

Watch Mattia Santi SaSi Studio presentation now 


Ben Haldin roundBen Haldin,
Managing Director. Fulcro Engineering

The formula to enable collaborative design is to establish effective relationships with all key stakeholders, be disciplined with process and embrace innovative technology.

Haldin presents, through genuine examples, a pragmatic and practical approach to how concurrent collaboration can take place that reduces risk and increases value in the delivery of new buildings.

Watch replay of Ben Haldin's presentation for #BeyondBIM2020


Paul Ehret roundPaul Ehret, BIM & Automated Production Manager. Félix Constructions sa

One of the challenges of a façade construction contractor is to manage the information flow within its company and its supply chain. Linking the ERP to the actual design is key to ensure all trades keep track on the project development.

Most BIM platforms are design centric: they are derived from CAD software’s on which limited layers of data tends to be inserted. Platform X (CDE developed by Felix in partnership with ETH Zurich)  follows the opposite logic: it connects exhaustive database information to a light 3D Model.

Watch Paul Ehret, Felix Constructions sa webinar


Geoffrey Bell SHoP Architects AssociateGeoffrey Bell, Associate. SHoP Architects

Since its formation, SHoP has modeled a new way forward with its unconventional approach to design. At the heart of the firm’s method is a willingness to question accepted patterns of practice where necessary, beyond the architect’s traditional roles.

Geof highlights certain projects that illustrate SHoP's approach to prototyping and real-world R&D, discusses  marriage of traditional material systems with innovative technologies, and demonstrates SHoP’s use of innovative technology and digital fabrication techniques in a human-centered design approach for the public realm.

Watch Geof Bell SHoP Architects presentation now


Marty Rozmanith Dassault SystemesMarty Rozmanith, CCT Industry Sales Director. Dassault Systèmes

 - How will critical urban trends change the way we design and deliver buildings and infrastructure?
- What platforms exist to handle increasing complexity at ever larger scales, even when you have to work from home? 
- How can you quickly adapt to disruptions in YOUR business environment?

This session answers such questions revealing the latest workflows and techniques using Dassault Systemes unique 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Watch Marty Rozmanith Dassault Systemes presentation now


Jonathan Asher 3DSJonathan Asher, CATIA Construction Portfolio Director. Dassault Systèmes

Advances in technology are transforming business models in all industries. However, adoption in construction has been superficial and engineers have not yet established integrated industrial processes to execute projects at scale. The shift from traditional buildings assembled from scratch on site to manufactured buildings delivered in assembly kits is becoming a reality, but these examples are typically small and still bespoke.

The true power of modular construction will be realized when buildings are designed and manufactured through a generative approach. This will be the new reality of Building Experience Modeling for Manufacturing.

This presentation will highlight the future of generative modular design to deliver configurable turnkey buildings from a kit of parts, through a partnership between Dassault Systemes and the Aden Group, a global facilities management company headquartered in Shanghai.

Watch Jonathan Asher Dassault Systemes presentation

or access all the videos here



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