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scFLOW Simulation Demo

Posted by Andy Woodward on 14-Sep-2020 13:45:00

Next generation CFD tool

scFLOW from MSC Software is a state-of the art Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) package which uses a polyhedral mesh to solve some very complex problems with short run-times that have surprised long term users of other CFD packages.

As well as being powerful it is very accessible to the non-expert user. You are led through the steps to set up a model by the structure of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) – meaning simple problems can be solved simply. 

Best of all, if you have MSC One token licensing scFLOW is available to you now using the same tokens as for your structural Finite Element Analyis (FEA) requirements. So if CFD is something you do only occasionally and FEA is your main focus, or vice-versa, MSC One gives you a cost effective access to these tools as well as other disciplines of CAE.

The demo below shows how we set up, run and post-process an internal duct flow simulation merging two different temperature flows using the CAD model of the duct assembly. 




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MSC Software scFLOW datasheet DTE


Read the scFLOW PDF datasheet for more product information  >>







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