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Posted by Andy Woodward on 29-Mar-2021 11:45:00

NASA Structural Analysis Code* was just the beginning ..... 

MSC Software has been a key partner to the Space Industry since the 1960s.  Many people associate MSC only with Nastran, which is the keystone of their product set, but through a process of development and acquisition, they have developed a portfolio of tools that are used across a number of domains within engineering simulation in the Space Industry

DTE are a business partner to MSC Software with a roster of clients large and small in the satellite segment.  At DTE we prefer to focus on problems solved rather than features and functions.

This video takes an overview of how some key MSC products are used, structured around four basic questions:

  •  Will it survive launch?
  • Is it as lightweight as it can be?
  • Can it fulfill its operational role?
  • Will the thermal loads affect its ability to perform?


*For the Apollo mission in the 1960s, NASA commissioned the NASA Structural Analysis code to simulate the space vehicle structural performance, and so NASTRAN was born.



DTE is sponsor to the upcoming Small Satellites Conference on 26 - 27 April 2021, which will explore economies of scale, small satellite production and design, regulatory considerations in the increasingly congested domain and key programme updates from across leading space agencies, militaries and commercial solution providers.   

Join the DTE team at our virtual stand as we listen and engage with top speakers from SJE Space Ltd, UK Space Agency, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, Air Force Research Lab, Gallagher Aerospace, Precious Payload and many more.


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