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Innovative new approach to topology optimisation

Posted by Andy Woodward on 14-Jul-2020 09:43:30
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Apex Generative Design

MSC Software have just announced the addition of Apex Generative Design to their MSC One flexible token based licensing solution.

This combines the award winning geometry defeaturing capabilities of MSC Apex with an innovative new approach to topology optimisation resulting in higher fidelity shapes suitable for 3D printing but in a small fraction of the time taken for many of the solvers commonly used for this task today.

This short video demonstration shows how an existing bracket design can be analysed and then simplified to a design space volume before a topology optimisation is performed to target a weight reduction while maintaining a maximum stress criteria.




MSCOne brochure2020_222x280MSC One can offer the most cost-effective route to owning Apex and the other MSC Software products. 


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