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The PLM ROI Conundrum

Posted by Neil Watford on 25-Feb-2020 14:00:00

The advantages of a product lifecycle management ('PLM') system are – generally – widely understood and accepted. roi bm

The issue with choosing to take the plunge and move ahead with a solution usually comes down to business justification of the cost and ultimately the Return On Investment ('ROI') calculation.

So, what is the solution to the 'PLM ROI conundrum'? 

Here at Desktop Engineering we believe the answer is simple – Reduce the size of your ‘I’.

Let us introduce you to Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE on Cloud solution.


Experience the cloud today

With 3DEXPERIENCE on cloud there are no infrastructure installation costs, simply purchase the licenses for the specific roles you require. A link will be sent for the first person to login to your new platform environment, once this first ‘Administrator User’ logs in that’s it, you’re in and ready to start work.

From here, invite other users to the platform, assign them the licenses they require to do their job and they’re off!

With just a basic PCS-OC license take advantage of data management, data security, Issue and change management, markup, 3DViewing and Microsoft integration.
All this using just a web browser.PLM projects people processes 3DS

As your business takes its first steps into a new age of collaboration, you can explore how the platform may benefit you more by using evaluation licenses to test functionality before purchasing. If you decide the license you have evaluated offers benefit, there are no installation costs, purchase and assign the new license to a user and start reaping the benefits.


Automated Upgrades to new releases

No need to worry about the costs of keeping up with software releases either.

With 3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud your upgrade is done automatically when a new release is launched. Go home on Friday and come back in on Monday to your new updated environment full of the latest technology and innovation 3DEXPERIENCE has to offer.

CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE on the Cloud - your most frequently asked questions guidebook

So, if your biggest hurdle to a more streamlined, collaborative business is the ‘I’ in ROI, contact Desktop Engineering today and let us reduce the ‘I’ and help your business take its first steps into a collaborative future powered by 3DEXPERIENCE.


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