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#BeyondBIM2021 Symposium Highlights

Posted by Geoff Haines on 11-May-2021 10:48:42

Key TakeAways 

"Change is certainly coming and there’s much to learn from manufacturing for some areas of AEC"

Dale Sinclair, AECOM

Desktop Engineering recently concluded its annual BeyondBIM virtual event with a broad consensus that in the future the construction industry needs to grasp new technologies to drive improved processes, together with recognising the need to train in these new methods.

Speakers were drawn from the UK, USA, and Middle East along with delegates across Europe and America.

Dale Sinclair, Director of Innovation at AECOM gave a forward-looking keynote presentation outlining that 'to meet a net-zero carbon world, data at all stages of the design, construction, and operation of a building is key to achieving this target.' That 'data must flow through the process without loss, in order that key factors in a building's life are taken into consideration.'

Following this, Ben Haldin Managing Director of Fulcro, drawing from more than 20 years in helping companies improve their construction processes, outlined how the 'current linear stage gates in the delivery of a building, obstructs improvements in process – new forms of contract and methods have helped, but these are still not universal.'

From an architectural viewpoint, Mattia Santi of SaSi Studio and Abdulmajid Karanouh of Dress & Sommer, both showed how 'data and a parametric approach can improve the quality and productivity in design. These break down barriers to innovation and help in drawing together stakeholders in design and construction projects.'

Hector Camps of PHI Cubed, an architect too, with experience in the cruise ship construction industry, noted that 'at each stage of the handover of data between incompatible software, data or information was lost. This is a cost that is hidden but mounts up, demonstrated clearly by the graphs he presented. His lively presentation introduced us to the new term “Building Information Chaos Model” – how the multitude in different applications delivers a chaotic data problem to the so-called BIM Manager.'

Chun Li, founder and principal of Kreod, an architect by profession gave a presentation again on a generative design approach but with an emphasis on 'how building parts are manufactured offsite for subsequent onsite assembly.'Given the challenge of finding contractors with the ambition to engage with this type of construction, he has founded a construction company - harking back to the days when architects were Master Builders.

Finally, drawing on experience on work done for Laing O’Rourke on a major construction project, James Brown of Prodtex showed how 'using Dassault 3DEXPERIENCE DELMIA application, detailed construction simulation can achieve major savings and avoid unforeseen issues. Digital human manikins combined with ergonomic factors, showed better methods of the construction process.,

All these presentations and more are available for viewing on our DTE Event Hub site.

Martyn Day, AEC Magazine has written an article summing up the key points of the symposium and asking key questions of the industry leaders - read the article >>

#BeyondBIM2021 ... to the Future and Beyond!' AEC symposium wrap up and on demand replays

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