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Intelligent 3D Curtain Wall Design

Posted by Geoff Haines on 14 October, 2016

Goethe said that “By seeking and blundering we learn “.

Well I am not so sure that I would like to start a career in engineering knowing I was blundering in order to learn. But his point is bluntly put - that what we call knowledge is gained through making mistakes. In other words, engineers push the envelope in design, making things bigger or lighter until they fail and then seeking out what went wrong. In some cases, this leads to fundamental research to capture the laws of nature in formulae. In other cases, it leads to best practice or rules. This is how the aerospace industry has made flying one of the safest modes of transport.

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Topics: BIM, Architecture, Engineering & Construction, AEC, Facade

Training Certification - why do it?

Posted by Geoff Haines on 4 October, 2016

How do you get recognition of your skills or you want to be involved in better work or been seen as making a difference - how do you show your difference?  

It’s all about having something unique that gives value to your employer.

Or if when job seeking how do you differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack? I had a friend who said you should draw pretty flowers on your CV! – whether he ever did that I don’t know, but in the competitive world we live you have to have a difference. That’s what sells. In sales jargon it’s called a Unique Selling Point, and when going for a job or looking to improve your position, that’s what you need.

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Intelligent 3D Façade Templated Design

Posted by Geoff Haines on 29 September, 2016

If you think back to your first days in a design office, in a new industry fresh from college, you’ll remember that there was always a designer who’d been there many years. That was the person you sought for help, as they had all the experience of what works and what doesn’t.

It was Oscar Wilde who said “Experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes”, and so why shouldn’t you capture that experience to then avoid making the same mistakes.

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Topics: BIM, Architecture, Engineering & Construction, AEC, Facade

2D or not 2D that is the question?

Posted by Geoff Haines on 2 August, 2016

Continuing my theme of Shakespearian references, I
wonder if the bard was prescient foreseeing this question that has been asked many a time by managers when they start design projects?  “Should we do this in 2D, it will be quicker, or should we take the plunge and model it in 3D” – how many times has that been said in the last two decades or so, let alone 400 years?

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Topics: 2D Design

3 simple ways to improve machine tool life

Posted by Geoff Haines on 21 July, 2016

When you’re halfway through machining components for a project that’s nearing the deadline, it can be very frustrating when the machine tool breaks and your manufacturing process slows down. 

The fact is, machine tools go through a lot of wear tear over the course of their lives and eventually have to be replaced. But this can be very expensive and nobody wants to fork out thousands of pounds on replacing CNC machines.

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Why Composite Materials are the best thing for the Automotive sector

Posted by Geoff Haines on 14 July, 2016

If we get right down to it, composite materials are essentially the combination of multiple materials. Who knew that something so simple could be so powerful?

Fibre glass, Kevlar, carbon fibre. These are just some examples of composite materials that have changed the way we approach engineering and manufacturing. In particular, the automotive industry has benefitted significantly from the intelligent development of composite materials.

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Topics: Automotive

3 important talking points in the automotive sector

Posted by Geoff Haines on 7 July, 2016

Developments in the automotive industry are happening all the time, making it difficult to keep up with the latest news and industry progress.

So we’ve outlined 3 of the biggest talking points in the automotive sector to get you up to speed with some of the latest developments.

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Topics: Automotive

3 ways a 3D approach improves your design and manufacturing

Posted by Geoff Haines on 30 June, 2016

For years, 2D drawings have played a significant part of the design and manufacturing process. They’ve provided vital information on the tolerances and dimensions required for fit and functionality of a part. Yet 2D drawings are struggling to keep up with the pace of design and manufacturing in industry today. 

Taking a 3D approach to design and manufacturing is highly effective in helping organisations to stay ahead of competition compared to a 2D approach, providing cost and time savings amongst other significant advantages.

So here’s 3 ways a 3D approach overcomes the challenges of a 2D approach in design and manufacturing.

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The threat of 3D Printing to intellectual property

Posted by Geoff Haines on 23 June, 2016

Additive manufacturing, commonly referred to as 3D printing, is widely recognised as a leap forward in the manufacturing of a wide variety of products. From prosthetic limbs to smartphone cases, 3D printing represents an opportunity to solve a wide range of manufacturing challenges across industry sectors. 

Still, while 3D printing has been lauded for its ability to produce customized parts at a significantly faster rate than standard manufacturing practices, it’s not without its risks.

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5 important articles in manufacturing you may have missed

Posted by Geoff Haines on 16 June, 2016

Whether you’ve just started a new project or you’ve got deadlines coming up, it’s not easy to stay up to date with the latest industry news. 

So we’ve put together a list of 5 interesting articles to help you catch up on some intriguing discussions happening right now in manufacturing, including Nissan's development of a solar farm to UPS' on-demand 3D printing network.

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